“Who is Who” awards set to make debut in FCT

The Abuja edition of the annual “Who is Who ” awards to hold in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The organization held a press conference in Abuja at the NAF Conference Center describing the event which is aimed at recognizing residents who have affected lives and the society. The special maiden Abuja edition is to recognize residents of the FCT and some notable persons in Nigeria, who through their respective endeavors have touched lives and society positively. “The time has finally come to find out and honor ‘Who is Who’ in the FCT, and we are determined to recognize unsung heroes. “The award group is in search of those who spend sleepless nights for others to be comfortable, those who live a life of self-sacrifice and are silently working hard to make life comfortable for others. “We believe that by awarding the best, we would have encouraged the rest to raise their products quality and service delivery to humanity, unlike many other awards that recognized only top political and corporate leaders in society, the ‘Who is Who’ seeks to honor Nigerians of all class and status. “We shall recognize, empower and publicize mechanics, carpenters, caterers and other unsung heroes in Abuja.” He explained that the awards, which cuts across over 50 categories, include Best Carpenter, Best Mechanics, Best Restaurant, Best Radio Station, Best Hospital and Best Orphanage Home in the FCT. Others include Best Lawyer, Best Doctor, Best Past FCT Minister, Best Shopping Mall and Best Construction Firm.
Who is Who Awards’ was a non-political and had no intentions of giving awards for monetary benefits. Therefore, members of the public especially those in the FCT are to vote online with a special voting code (*4502#) for their choice nominee.
Who is Who Awards, which started in 2003 is an initiative aimed at identifying and celebrating Nigerians from home and the Diaspora, who have contributed meaningfully to development of society. It honors men and women from all works of life, who have used their callings and positions to promote a better society with recipients being nominated by ordinary Nigerians through voting. Since inception, the awards ceremony has been moved from one state to another, and the Federal Capital Territory will host it for the first time.


This important event aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

To showcase Abuja’s successful Individuals, Groups & Companies.
To promote, highlight and recognize the role of individuals in economic development of the continent.
To present case studies and research findings in the Entertainment sector.
To bring together Governments, Celebrities, Development Institutions, Investors, Academics and Private Sector institutions with interest in the Entertainment sector.
To bring large scale businesses and Entertainment together “under one roof”; and

WHO IS WHO AWARDS ceremony aims to recognize the Best persons, Companies and organizations in almost every field, walks of life and Vocation, Hence the need for the program titled ” WHO is WHO Awards®©”. WHO is WHO Awards®© is a National Organization Duly certified and protected by the Nigerian copy right commission, Nigerian Cooperate affairs commission and the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment.
We are determined to Recognize , promote and market those who have been found exceptional in their field and endeavor , we will give a maximum Local, National and international publicity to those who win our awards as we have a firm grip on the Media, we will perform the WHO is WHO Awards®©”.programme in almost every state in Nigeria. We hereby present to you, the award of all awards , The most anticipated event in every city , WHO is WHO Awards®©”. More information 09060808088 – www.whoiswhoawards.org

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